Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Naughty Naughty!!!

I've nearly allowed June to pass me by without blogging. Naughty me. I do have many good reasons, for instance my house now looks like a bomb site thanks to the builders digging up my garden (am having an extension put on my house - pics to follow soon) and having an allergic reaction to suntan lotion which basically covered me in a chemical burn - Ouch.

Health wise (excluding the allergy), i've been a bit up and down (mainly due to the humidity and heat) but for the main part i've not been too bad. Although i'm still carrying a lot of water (thanks to my friend Mr. Steroid) my outsides seem to be either drying out or falling out - oooo eerrr!!! lol My hair seems to be coming out by the handful and my skin and lips are sooo dry they're about to be classified as a desert region, as no amount of moisturiser and blistex seems to be helping.

To top it all off, I thought i'd treat myself to a nice new camera to get pictures throughout the 14 weeks that its allegedly going to take to build my extension. BUT, (don't you sometimes hate it when those 3 letters form together) the charlatan I paid my money to never sent me the camera. Thank god I purchased it through Amazon but it is just so slow to get the money back. Fingers crossed that will come back in the next week and i'll try again.

I've going to a horticultural show on Sunday and am hopefully going to submit a few of my items into the competitions (a Victoria sponge cake, cheese and onion quiche and some flowers and veggies from my greenhouse and veggie patch) and on top of all of this i've got a hospital appointment next Tuesday up in London (I really hope this humid weather will have broken by then as i'm not sure how well i'll do trying to walk around in the middle of London as well as sitting in a hot un-air conditioned hospital) and will be chatting about lung transplants again and when I will be assessed.

Well although this is short and sweet for now, I promise to blog a bit more frequently and hopefully with some fab pics when I finally get my new camera.

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Vix xxx

PS. just wanted to say RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, both influences in my childhood in the 70's and 80's. Hope they are both at peace now.