Tuesday, 21 July 2009

So much to say......sorry for delay in blogging! pt1

Firstly let me appologise for not updating this blog sooner. As you will see, i've had quite a bit on my plate recently.

I'll start with my good old friend, health. Had an appointment at the Brompton a couple of weeks ago and it went pretty well (considering how bad things had been at the beginning of the year). My lung function has stablised at 25% and my weight is beginning to go down (thanks to the reduction in steroid dose, so beginning to drop off some of the 3 stone of water i'm carrying!!). However, I had a bit of a scare last weekend when I become very lethargic, ached from head to foot and felt permanently sick. Hubby confined me to bed and called out the doc, worried that I may have picked up swine flu but I hadn't (no temperature, which apparently is THE major sign). I was diagnosed with exhaustion and stress and to take it easy over the next few days with plenty of bed rest (and when you read the rest of this blog, you'll understand why i'm a bit stressy).

So what has been stressing me out and causing me sleepless nights? Builders, for want of a better word. Hubby and I decided that rather than move house, we'd extend. So first of all we had to prep the area so that the builders could start with the ground works. This involved demolishing our conservatory and moving our hot-tub and gazebo.

All of a sudden our house seems very small.

Anyway week 1 of 14 begins.....GROUNDWORK!!!

First thing the groundworkers have to do is reposition a (broken) groundwater drain. Only issue was that not only was the original drain never made properly (water was draining into my foundations!), the wrong sized pipe was used AND it was capped off with a drain shaft and manhole cover that you would usually find at an industial site or motorway, not a residential home. This picture of me standing on something called a "buscuit" is what was surrounding the manhole under the ground. The groundworkers and building regs men were all absolutely astonished.

Just after this photo was taken is when all the fun and games begun, but i'll blog about that in the next part.
Blog more later

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Missing posts

Can anyone see my last post titled Naughty naughty?

Everytime I click on it just to check on the spelling and that it makes sense, I end up with a blank page. It is probably my laptop having a giddy but I just want to make sure thats all it is.

Thanks peoples and will do another proper update shortly.