Thursday, 12 March 2009


Oh the joy of water!!!!!

After yesterdays shenanigans, I felt completely wiped out and had a very lazy day. It was just as well as water pills act very quickly. I seemed to be peeing every 20 mins. To cheer myself up a bit I go and make myself some homemade broccoli and Stilton soup which was absolutely yummy (but phew that piece of Stilton was really and settled back and watched the glories of daytime TV.

Thursday I felt a little better and my mum and sister came over and decided to take me out (although still needed the wheelchair) I was nice just to go out for a bit of window shopping and a hot choc at Costa's.

I was basically trying not to overdo things too much as Friday was going to be a really busy day and test the state of my health to the limit.

Woke up on Friday and felt really good. Had to get up early as was meeting up with my sister so we could take baby Isabella for her hip scan at 9am!!! Now trying to take meds (some 1 hour before food, some after food) three Neb's and do physio and be ready to walk out of the house by 8.15 to drive 30 mins to a hospital and hope they have parking for a 9 am appointment is no mean feat BUT we managed it and I walked too (no wheelchair).

After the scan (which went well, no issues) we then had to drive 20 miles across country to a beautiful manor house called Eastwell Manor so that my sister could (for the 1st time since having Isabella) go back to work for a couple of hours (she's a wedding make-up artist and a lovely lady was getting married there on that Friday).

So guess who was left holding the baby? Yep...eeekkkkkk!!!!! I'm probably the least baby person I know and was so worried that I wouldn't be able to cope (just getting tired and breathless from holding her) as well as never having changed a nappy, I called for reinforcements and my friend Fran came along to sit with us and have a coffee.

As it was, between the 2 of us, Isabella had a lovely time although I think we were both frazzled. We then headed off and grabbed some lunch at a Beefeater which actually wasn't bad and then headed home.

Oh boy didn't my lungs know they'd had a busy day. I now had blood in my sputum......great. Thought i'd better take things easy for the next few days.

The weekend saw hubby and I (after he finished working 1/2 day Saturday morning) lock ourselves away and have a lazy weekend. We basically locked out the world and totally relaxed. It was wonderful until Sunday lunchtime when hubby started to get snuffly and it just seemed to escalate throughout the day. By the time we went to bed he seemed to have a full on head cold.

Monday morning and after very little sleep thanks to hubby snoring like a roaring bear all night I have to get all my meds done early as have got to have a blood test and renal review by my GP due to the water pills. Mum comes over and helps me up to the local hospital as my GP's don't take bloods (and probably couldn't from me anyway) and I have to say the phlebotomist was fantastic. 1st time hit which is very unusual for me.

Bloods done, we head home and mum helps me tidy round the house before having to head out at 12.30 for the review with thr GP. The only problem was that MY GP wasn't in, so I was seeing not only the most grumpy GP in the surgery, but one who had no idea about me, my condition or anything and to boot kept saying to me that he'd just come back from holiday so knew nothing about a message that was left for him refering about why I had to be there.


Anyway, after explaining why I was there and getting weighed (and if all things being equal, scales wise, i've dropped 3 kgs on the water pills) he says to call in tomorrow for blood results and see where we go from there. Useless really.

We head home, finish tidying the upstairs bedrooms and mum heads home. Oh but guess what? Stressful day = blood in sputum. Hmmmm beginning to see a pattern.

Tuesday I spend pretty lazily, trying not to put too much pressure on my lungs and it seems to be paying off as for the 1st time in forever my sputum is clear!!!!! That Septrin is good. Mum pops by and helps me put out some recycling and she finishes moving some bits of furniture upstairs.

Wednesday saw hubbys head cold really come on. He woke up with the most annoying tickly cough. I said that he could work with that so he called in sick. We had a lazy morning and then mum popped round again and we headed out so we could go to the chemist and get him some cough mixture.

Taking advantage of the situation I suggested we head to our surveyors to see how things are progressing with our house extension plans (have planning permission, just sorting out building regs and water/sewer positions). It was quite a good meeting as we went from owing £669 for a survey to owing nothing as we got it sorted over the phone....result!!!!

Matt treated us to lunch and we then made our weary way home (dropping off mum) and spent the evening coughing and spluttering.

What a pair we

Blog more soon


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