Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bank Holiday Blow Up

Well as usual I over did things over the bank holiday and am now paying for it.

I first started with organising and preparing for my brothers 30th birthday. Making trifle, blamange and banoffee pie as well as organising everyone else to bring the usual sarnies, sausage rolls, pasta salad, mini sausages and lots of other party foods was a huge feat. By the time everyone turned up with their plates and it was all put out I was ready for my bed....lol

Anyway a good time was had by all and even managed to get a reasonably early night.

Just as well as hubby and I decided to empty our garage and other junk we've been storing at a boot fayre on Sunday. This meant early morning, so 6am the alarms went off and by the time we got to the boot fayre it was already 3/4 full! What time some of these people got to the fayre I don't know but they must be mad. Anyway, according to the fayre people it was the biggest fayre ever with the rest of the field filling up with stalls after we arrived. Considering we got rid of a load of stuff that we were originally just going to junk at the tip we made approx £150.......all going into the extension fund. To top it all off, come midday we were done so headed home for a well earned rest in front of the box watching Jensen Button storm to victory in my most favorite place on earth, Monaco. (If you ever get the chance to go, it's a must....just an amazing place).

Monday was a completely do nothing day. My body had blown up again (thank you steroids) from over doing things over the last few days. I now look liked a cross between the Michelin man and Jabba the Hutt, and I just felt permanently tired. I pretty much napped all day and then slept all night.

Today i've still been pretty wiped out. My sister however, phoned and begged me to help her and take her to Canterbury, so she can buy a baby mattress, as little Isabella is not so little anymore and has pretty much out-grown her moses basket. So after running around after her (in the purely metaphorical sense) i'm now totally zonked out.

I still haven't heard from the Brompton yet about my assessment chat. Might give them a call in the next day or so.

Well that's me all up to date......time for some more meds, then and then an early night.


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