Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cowboy builders....aaarrrggghhhh!!!!

Why don't people take pride in their work anymore? I wouldn't dream of doing a shonky job or leaving a job half finished. Surely it takes more effort to do this than to do a good job in the first place.

Ok the reasons behind this little rant is that hubby and I are looking at putting an extension on our house. So we went and got planning permission which we got approval for and am now completing all of the paperwork to adhere to building regs and the waterboard regs.

The latter is what's causing the issue. We have a large manhole cover in our garden and is causing a bit of a problem. Regulations say that you cannot build over the top or within 1 metre or a drain (in case it collapses). This manhole is within 1 metre, so we are having it looked at to be able to arrange to move it.

Our builder (who takes pride in his work and a good builder) pulled up this manhole to find all amount of horrors. The original builders had put in this drain (to drain away rainwater) but none of it's connected! There is a pipe from next door draining straight into the ground and a gully that's supposed to connect 2 other pipes (as well as next doors pipe) that has a section missing so again draining straight into the ground.

The builder said if this was left unchecked the water would eat away at our foundations!!! Aarrrgghhhhhhh!!!!

He said that when they dig for the new foundations they will check on the existing ones to ensure there isn't any damage but he is amazed that this drain passed inspection.

What does this mean......more money of course....what else.

Blooming shoddy builders, I wonder what other horrors we have waiting for us doing this build?

And breathe.....lol


  1. good job you are having the extension and discovered it!

  2. Gemma's right you're really lucky to have discovered it!!