Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A long over due catch up

Where do I start.....well the outcome from the bank issue was another 3 phone calls and a letter and still the issue hasn't been fully resolved. I've now received my payment and they've admitted fault however i'm still awaiting an answer based upon my complaint as to where my original sick note (with all of my personal info on) has disappeared to. I should hear by the end of the week but i'm not holding my breath.

Breathing wise i've been a little up and down, mainly due to catching my little niece's cold. It mainly stayed as a head cold but a little of it has gone to my chest but I seem to be fighting it off (although having a few breathless moments every now and then).

My mum flew back from a month in Cyprus on Sunday and sis and I took her out for lunch yesterday for a big girly catch up and to celebrate her birthday.

Hubby and I have sorted out our wills now that we are married. A bit of a strange experience I have to admit. They even ask how you want to be "disposed" of and who do you want your estate to go to if you both bite the bullet.....lol Very surreal.

Hubby and I also appeared on TV on Sunday. It was a program all about our wedding day and included interviews with our friends and family. Was really funny watching ourselves back and I only blubbed once towards the end when my mum was talking about our 1st dance...lol Here's the link if you want to watch (torture yourself...lol) online:


I'm now in planning mode as it's my sisters birthday in a few days time and she's having a BBQ and I said i'd bring some salads and bits and bobs. Then it's my Grandpa's 88th birthday so have said i'll make a cake for his birthday tea. Then it's my hubby's birthday and we're having a retro kid's party theme for it, so lots of jelly and ice-cream and pineapple on sticks and things...lol

Lots of birthdays and cooking ahead....health permitting.

Also now stepped down to 7mg of steroids so i'm hoping the water retention is on its way out and will get "my" body back.

well that's me for now. Will blog more soon


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