Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lovely Easter....but then.....

......the ineptitude of reality comes crashing back.

I'll start with the nice bits first.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments about my wedding pics. Hubby and I are finding it really difficult to sift through all of the pictures and choose which 80 shots we want for our album.

Hubby had last week off of work so we decided to try and be productive. So we visited loads of kitchen places and decided on the kitchen we want (very modern high gloss black with walnut worktops), sorted out our pensions, wills and mortgage with our financial advisor, did a major clean out of our hot tub and ordered and received a new laptop (12 inch screen HP is all I can tell you as not that tech minded...lol) as my old laptop was burning through power cables like they were going out of fashion. So far so good.

Friday evening my sister invited us over for dinner, roast beef and all the trimmings which was yummy and we had a lovely evening being entertained by baby Isabella giggling and playing with her toys. En route home we nipped into Tesco and bought everything we needed as we were cooking Easter dinner for my sister and her husband Sunday and then holding a BBQ for friends and family on bank holiday Monday too.

Saturday saw hubby and I have our 1st lazy day of the week which was lovely but we ended up being invited out for dinner to our best man and bridesmaids house. Well as what they were cooking sounded far more appetising (a lovely pasta dish with chorizo and Parmesan) we headed 20 miles up the road for dinner.

Sunday saw my mum phone from Cyprus to wish us all Happy Easter and my Grandma from London call to make sure we were all eating ok since my mum was away (i'm sure she thinks we're all still 10 years old bless her....lol).

Hubby made the best roast chicken dinner again (thank you Mr. Ramsey) and I made the most scrummy chocolate torte (thank you James Martin....lol). We had a lovely family day with my sister her hubby and baby Isabella. We did the family thing of playing Trivial Pursuit and several hands of cards before it was time for them to head home to put baby to bed.

Monday was BBQ day and all I can say is yummmm. Even my brother put in an appearance which is a rarity but as usual not only were we left with all the washing up (to be expected) but were also left with tones of left over food and bad indigestion.....lol

As hubby was back to work Tuesday we decided on an early night (and after the last few days, really needed it). Unfortunately the foxes decided that they wanted to play/fight/kill each other, so screamed most of the night.

This kind of set the scene for things coming crashing back down to reality from all the fluffy niceness of the weekend.

I received a letter from Barclays today. The history behind this is that I have an insurance claim with them so they take over paying my loan payments (well I pay the installments then claim it back each month). I've been doing this for the last 2 years without much issue but last month they said the 6 month sick note i sent didn't say 6 month sick note on it (i didn't take a copy so couldn't prove otherwise but would be bloody weird for my GP not to put it on the note as he's been doing the same several times previously) so I had to go back down to my GP's get another 6 month note and re-submit.

This time I photocopied it.

Back to today's letter. I received it to say that they still can't process my claim as I only sent 1 side of my sick note and they need the other page???? Other page???? It's all on one page. 2 sided single page. I called them and said what the hell are they playing at and they tried to say that sick notes are several pages long. Since when? When I kindly pointed out that not only have all my sick notes looked the same as the one I submitted, I also photocopied it due to the issues over the last one, they then had to admit that some inept idiot in their scanning room had only scanned in one side of my sick note. Fine I said, go back and look at the original and scan the other side, so it's in your computer, and then process my claim. Can't! Why? They scan it in London and they are in London. So? They just can't do it. Why, have you lost my sick note with all of my personal information on it? Don't know?

So it's been left with me having to fax them a copy of my photocopy and a rather large complaint going in and waiting for a phone call to explain themselves.

If they have lost my personal information i'm going to chat to my solicitor because it could be potentially harmful (identity fraud to name but a few potential issues).

And breathe......lol Will let you know what happens once they phone to apologise and grovel


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  1. argh how annoying! Its so stressful, I usually end up crying and getting ill over somebody been an idiot! Glad you had a good easter though, seems you got upto alot! I'm getting married on Friday 11th September btw, cant wait!