Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Another day another worry

Again, after a morning round of Project Vix, my sister arrived with baby Isabella. We had arranged to take Becky to Canterbury so that she could shop for new make-up and brushes following the whole make over bit yesterday. Only issue I'm breathless. I sit and get breathless, I walk to the loo, breathless. Hmmmm not good.

I put it down to the fact that it is a bit of a damp murky day (which tends to sit thickly on my chest) and it will lift if I just persevere.

So off we bundle to Canterbury and my breathlessness is not easing. There is no way i'm going to be able to walk around Canterbury, I can't even walk around the car! Wheelchair out.

I've only just started using the chair after my last bout of poor health. I'd been fighting not to use it for ages but was finding that I was missing out on doing things just because of my pride. I have to admit the chair had given me a new found freedom (to an extent).

As we arrive in Canterbury the bun fight to find a disabled parking space begins. Just when I think what luck as a car come reversing out of a space (so I put my indicators on to pull into it when they are clear) a Skoda, how had apparently reversed from the next line of cars over, drove over the paving separating the spaces and between a bin and lampost and pulled into the space. We all look in amazement at this idiot. He even drew a crowd who all stopped to stare at this rediculous 20 point move it took him to get into it. Some people!!!!

Anyway as we drove round the corner (where the skoda had come from) there was a space, so in we pulled.

We unloaded the car and with sister Dee pushing me and Becky pushing Isabella in her pram we were off.

Well i've never seen so many people walk around with their eyes closed. I must have been walked into and tripped over 10 times! I'm in a whacking great wheelchair how can they miss me??? Also have you ever noticed how UN-friendly a lot of the clothes shops are to wheelchair users? They put all these rails in artistic places and cram as much as they can in which is all ok if you can sidestep through the tiniest of gaps they leave. In a wheelchair or for the larger person forget it (otherwise you'll just take the clothes out...lol)

Rant over...lol back to Canterbury. After hitting about a dozen shops we nipped off for a coffee and to feed Isabella. The amount of people who stopped and chatted to us so that they could coo at Isabella. She is only 10 weeks old but she was born with long (for a baby anyway) blonde hair which is apparently very unusual.

As we finish all our shopping we head home and I head back into my round 2 of meds and physio.

Things feel a little easier breathingwise so I make a start on dinner beef stroganoff. A start is as far as I get. Can't breathe as it's just too hot and humid, so bless him hubby comes home after a horrific day at work and finished the cooking (even flambeed the beef - very pro...lol).

Decide to have an early night (in between the bouts of insomnia) and see if that helps.

Blog more soon


PS. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies, will definitely keep you updated and if there is anything you need help with Gemma for your wonderful day, please just ask.


Have to say it was absolutely delicious.

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  1. Clothes shop can be a nightmare for the mere walking customers so I can imagine they are an absolute nightmare for a wheelchair user. I always fancy getting pushed around in a wheelchair, but i'm just lazy :o)