Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Breathe, Blow, Cycle and Shop!!

Day 11 in the Big Brompton Hospital and Vix is REALLY TIRED...lol

While some of the more mundane day to day goings on in hospital life are still.....going on, I have had, all to brief, experiences of the normal world coming to visit me.

On Saturday my wonderful husband came up to visit and we managed to get permission to escape from the ward for a few hours.....which was absolute bliss. He took me shopping in Harrods where we fought our way through the crowds to experience the decadence of the food halls (where I bought a lovely tiger prawn salad for my tea) and then to a yummy Italian restaurant for lunch. I've been craving Italian food since being in hospital So hubby treated me to the most delicious funghi grigliati al gorgonzola and a bruscheetta al pomodoro while hubby had calzone.

All too soon it was time to be back on the ward. Soon after getting back my wonderful hubby had to go (to beat the traffic about to spurt out from the football match down the road at Stamford Bridge) and drive the 90 miles back to our house.

Have to admit I did feel quite down after he left so I want to say thank you to all of you lovey YAYW and Twitter ladies who cheered me up no end.

Sundays rounds of med's, and gerneral chaos began along with a rather delicious cooked breakfast (in hospital...can you believe it) followed by a lovely visit from hubbys parents. They kindly travelled all the way up from Portsmouth to see me and bring me a few bits and bobs i'd forgotten. We had a good old natter and put the world to rights and before we knew it 3hours had passed and they had to go to get their train.

Thought i'd take this opportunity to get a little bit of extra sleep (still being kept awake by the nurses buzzers and a mother/carer (who is staying in the same room as her sick son) who thinks it's ok to talk really lound and laugh and cackle all night) Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!! So giving up on that idea I settled back to watch some TV to then be told that I'm going to have to pack everything up as i'm changing rooms!! Why? Well the ward is having a refurb and my rooms being done tomorrow. OK, so I start packing. 10 mins in, one of the nurses comes passed and asks what i'm doing (der, what does it look like...lol) only to be told that i'm NOT moving tonight as there are no privacy blinds on the room i'm moving into (it's been refurbed) so will have to move tomorrow once that's been done. Second Aaaarrrggghhhhhhh!!!! of the day. I basically tidy up everything i've pulled out, sit back and take the rest of Sunday easy.

Monday (still without a good nights sleep) and I've had doc's come round for a review, physio doing several breathing exercises as well as a O2 saturation test (I cycle and they see if you oxygen levels drop too much) the psychiatrist come round for a bit of a counselling session and the nurses, cleaners and food tech's doing what they do but I still haven't moved rooms. So come 4pm I decided to settle back and see if I can pinch a couple of hours sleep. Wrong!! My room is now ready for me to move into AND it's on the opposite side of the hospital. Great. So between me and the poor nurse who drew the short straw, we drag, carry and hoiked my things right around the hospital. En route I bumped into an old CF mate who I met on a previous in-mate stay (Hi Amy) and we had a good old natter and compared health whilst I unpacked.

Hoped with a new room would come new sleeping pattern...even a good night s sleep???

WRONG!!!!! I probably would have done if it wasn't for one thing. There is a really sick patient in the room opposite me and they have their family staying with them (day and night) to the extent that there is a sofa bed in permanent situ there which means they can't close their door. Down side, they enjoy their TV....a lot.....'til 3 am a lot and i've gotta be up a 6!!!

I'm not gonna drone on to much more as not a great deal happened today except for a new piece of kit physio has goven me to help clear the yuck from my chest. It's called a Pari Sole N and basically nebulises warm steam. I have to admit, I do feel better for it. So that together with more bloods, and spirometry has pretty much summed up my days. It's the big ward rounds tomorrow so am keeping everything crossed for an escape date of Friday.....I need my own bed, if nothing else...lol.

Anyway i'll stop waffling now, thanks for reading....if you still are...lol

Chat soon


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