Saturday, 7 February 2009

Invitation instructions

Just a quick blog tonight but i've had a few ladies (hello torsie, sal and sweetheart85) asking for directions on making my invitations (see pic below) Hope these help.

The basic pocket fold is made out of a large A1 piece of paper (lots of colours in places like hobbycraft). I folded the paper (so the longest sides are horizontal to you) like a bit fan to create several strips (I think I got about 7-8 strips per sheet) and used a ruler to get a really crisp fold. Then used a knife to rough cut out the strips. I then folded each of the sections (remember to include the little lip at the bottom for the envelope and info to sit in) and once folded to shape, cut away the raw edges with a guillotine.

That was probably the biggest part to get right (and straight).

The snowflake pattern was made my getting a snowflake stamp, clear embossing ink and using embossing powder (loads of colours and glitters etc). You stamp the ink on the card, sprinkle the powder on, tap off the excess then you use a heating tool (like a hairdryer but hotter...can get at craft shops too) and fix the powder to the card.

The rest was just printing on my printer in fixing it to card to create a border and some rigidity (you'll need loads of double sided tape.....cheapest I found was the pound shops).

Hope that helps ladies. Good luck with your invitations (would love to see how they turn out)

Chat soon


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