Friday, 6 February 2009

Sleep, Feet, a Bird and a Twitter

Day 7 in the Big Brompton Hospital and Vix is TIRED!!!!.

Finished my late night IV's fairly early (12.30 am insted of 1 am) so thought that i'd have a better and slightly longer nights sleep (next set of IV's at 6 am). How wrong could I be. I think the nurse call buzzers were going off every 30 mins throughout the night. Just as you'd start to drift of BUZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I'm such a light sleeper (i've even taken the clock off of the wall in my room to remove the batteries because of the ticking). By 5 am I gave up the thought of getting any sleep and ended up watching the news channel until IV time.

So I decided to have a PJ day and stay pretty much in or on my bed today. Hmmmm well that was the theory. Between med's, obs, cleaners, food techs, drinks techs, physio's, docs, reflexologist and psych not to mention 8 phone calls from friends and family, sleep has not been an option. I'm just hoping that by tonight i'm going to be soooo tired, I'll sleep through anything.

As for the content of my day well the results of my CT were as expected, Small airway disease....typical with CF so lots of physio and Dnase (a nebulised enzyme) to help improve that. Enter the physios. A mixture of flutter, A D, persussions (clapping on the back) and cyclical breathing was helping all the rubbish in my chest move BUT not just in the right direction. In fact it seemed to be in any other direction but out. So the physio arranged to come back for an afternoon session with a present......which with physios could be good could be

Session 2 and in walks my physio with a green box with wire and tubes hanging out all over the place. After a split second of panic on wondering where he's thinking he's going to be sticking these tubes he reveals that its nothing to worry about and that it's a machine that helps you breath more deeply called a Bird. It is a positive pressure oxygen machine which basically inflates your lungs for you. It is the most odd sensation but quite refreshing actually. Have to admit I do feel a lot better for using it.

My 2 physio sessions were punctuated with a lovely reflexolgy session that lasted abot 40 mins. The lady comes to the Brompton every Friday and offers her services to any patient that wants it (no charge). I've never had it before and usually hate my feet being touched but this was sooo relaxing and my chest felt less tight afterwards....will definitely be having reflexology again.

I've also just got totally swept away with the new Twitter phenomena. It's such a great way to chat and catch up with people and be a little nosey too I So hello any Twitter people who may decide to kindly read my witterings.

Thank you again for your lovely comments (glad to see things are on the up emmy)

Chat again soon


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  1. Keep rubbing those feet girl! It is lovely isn't it? I do hope you have had chance to sleep, best wishes. xx