Thursday, 12 February 2009

An end in sight!!!

Well it finally looks like i'm gonna escape the Big Brompton Hospital - TOMORROW!!!!! YAY

Don't get me wrong, they are absolutely amazing here (special shout out though to Charlotte the Physio, Good luck with dissertation, Steve the nurse, thanks for the chinese food and of course Dr. Gyi and Dr Bilton who are just lovely), but there's no place like home.

I managed to cycle, on and off for 1 1/2 on Wednesday and together with the higher dose of dnase helping me to shift the demon "YUCK", i'm hoping my lung function will begin to climb.

I've had another 2 sets of hunt the vein for bloods over the last 2 days. Yesterdays was to look at my infection rates and general bits and bobs and todays was to establish a post level for the Itraconazole I take to ensure that a) i'm absorbing enough of it and b) i'm not doing damage to my liver.

The big ward round finally made it round to me at 4.30 pm on Wednesday and it's been decided that my symptoms are similar to that of an asthmatic as well as my CF issues. So i've now been put on a drug called Singulair. This should stop my airways feeling like the close down when I exercise or when the cold air hits me. Will let you know how I get on with this.

Steve the nurse mentioned on Tuesday night that as it was the night shifts last night on Wednesday, they were gonna celebrate with a chinese and would I like to order some as well. Well after nearly 2 weeks of hospital food (although as hospital food goes this hospital is probably one of the best) there was no hesitation. So as 10 pm last night I tucked into sweet and sour chicken hong kong style and plain chow mein with beansprouts.....YUM!!!!

Again go little sleep last night (think i'm gonna sleep for a week when I get home) so had a pretty lazy morning today. Had it confirmed that I am going home tomorrow and even managed to get pharmacy to sort out all my meds ready for tomorrow so hopefully no waiting.

I now have an exercise and physio plan to help increase my fitness and hopfully lung function too and the dietician has also popped in some info on healthy eating for me.

So, i'm now on countdown with 3 sets of IV's to go until home time and the time is just dragging it always does. My brother has kindly offered to collect me and drive me home as he's passing anyway, which is perfect. Everything just seems to be falling into place.

I want to thank 2 special ladies who have kept me sane whilst i'm been in the BBH by Twittering with me at all hours of the day and night.....THANK YOU Lampie and Sweetheart....will be back on Twitter later for a

Well that's me for now, will chat more later


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