Monday, 23 February 2009

Make Overs and Fame's a Calling

Ok, so the usual round of Project Vix started the day - well kind of. I really had overdone it on Tuesday as I was bringing up quite bloody yuck during my physio session and was getting breathless again. So decided to take Wednesday a little easier.

Met up with my sister (who is a make-up artist when not being a new mum) and headed off to my mums to set to on Bobs daughter on a grand make over session.

Becky, is 14 going on 40 and is suffering from that puberty stage where your hair and skin just doesn't do what you want it to do. So between us and our friend Anita we sorted out a program of how to treat her skin, apply make-up and highlighted and cut her hair. The difference in her self confidence was probably the biggest change, which was lovely to see.

During the day I got a phonecall from our videographer asking whether he could forward our wedding dvd into a national competition and to Wedding TV as they may want to use it on a program called Wedding Breakfast (they show a 2 min overall of the day to give other brides ideas I guess). I said of course (he had mentioned it before and hubby and I had already discussed it) and thought nothing more of it.

Well 20 mins later, I get a phonecall from a lady called Nessa from Wedding TV. They're making a series of programs called Happy Ever After and want to do a 1 hour program based upon hubby and me!!! OMG!!!!!

So we now have a film crew coming round to spend a day with us in March, interviewing hubby and I as well as friends and family. Eeekkkk!!! Will keep you all updated as to when it will be screened on TV.

Anyway during the whole day, my breathlessness is being more and more evident. I'm a little worried as i've only been out of hospital a few days. Think I may just have overdone things a bit. Will take it easier on the exercise front.

As hubby gets home, he decides to celebrate our potential soon to be found fame (lol) and treats me to one of his culinary specials by cooking a wonderful steak dinner (mine with a stilton sauce - thank you steroids for the savoury cravings) It was the most delicious steak i've ever eaten. It cut like butter...yummmmm.

Hubby is a little concerned that i'm getting breathless doing simple tasks especially after only just coming off of a 2 week course of IV's and I have to admit, so am I.

Will blog more soon



  1. Ooo that's exciting!! Definetly let us know when it's on :)

  2. how exciting! I dont think over doing it will make you get breatheless? it just usually makes me feel tired. I'm getting married in September so any tips would be appreciated!