Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Family Dinners and Project Vix

Well Sunday was the first lie in hubby was to get in about 3 weeks. He didn't get much of one though......nothing to do with me be fore you all think so. He decided to invite my sister and her husband round for Sunday dinner last night BUT as yet, since coming out of hospital, we hadn't been shopping and had nothing in the house.

So whilst I did my Basil Faulty bit, tidying the house (as I just dumped everything when I got back) he nipped off up to Tesco to get in supplies.

Several phonecalls later (and me wishing i'd gone to Tesco as i'm sure I would have got more done that he arrives back and we set to work getting a joint of roast pork into the oven to cook in time for a 1.30 dinner.

My sister, her husband and baby Isabella (8 weeks old) arrived at 1pm and as people with babies do, trashed the house with baby bits from car seats to play mats, change mat to bottles and that doesn't include toys, change bag, baby blanket and zoot suit. How is it that someone so small needs soooooo much She was an absolute darling though and it looks like she's beginning to teethe as she keeps munching on her fingers which is such a funny site.

Anyway, my hubbys roast pork dinner was absolutely yummy. If there is one thing my man can cook it's a roast and there are even left overs for pork sandwiches for tea too....yummmm!

The rest of Sunday was taken up (unfortunately) by rugby and football on the tv so I decided to work a bit more on Project Vix - AKA exercise to increase lung function.

So onto the exercise bike I clamber and begin to cycle.

When I went into hospital, the best I could to on the bike before having to stop was 1 1/2 mins....not good, now I was doing 10 mins straight off, only stopping as hubby couldn't find his phone charger (which was exactly where I told him it was, and where he looked, but could see it...hmmmm men lol).

Chilled out for the evening after doing another 40 mins on the bike and watched Dancing on Ice and Larkrise to Candleford. Had a bit of a chat with the girls on Twitter and then it was (after my last round of meds) off to bed.

Monday saw me getting up at 6.20 AM to get hubby off to work, get mince out of the freezer so at least we'd have something for dinner tonight and start my new job of project Vix for the day (meds, nebs, exercise and physio). Still being fairly new in fitting this all in, including finding the right time when to eat as some meds have to be taken before food, others after, I wasn't ready to face the world until 11am! Surely I can slim line this a bit.

Anyway, as project Vix finishes for the morning, I head over to see my sister and we head into town to have a bit of a mung around the shops.

We met up with my mum and Bob at Costa's where I was very naughty and had a hot choc with cream and chocolate stiring stick which was scrummy then headed off for a little retail therapy to find clothes to fit my bloated steroid body (have gained so much fluid retention from being on steroids that I can't even wear my wedding and engagment rings anymore.....well I wear them on a chain around my neck)

I ended up with 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of combat trousers and 2 t-shirts. Not exactly what I was looking for (looking for nice clothes to wear out in the evening) but they were all a good price and couldn't

I run my sister home and then head home myself for the next round of Project Vix - meds, nebs, physio and exercise bike before making a start on a lasagne for dinner.

Phew - project Vix is turning into a bit of a full time Oh well needs must if i'm to increase my lung function.

Oh and the lasagne was gorgeous even if I do say so

Chat more soon xxx


lol I hadn't noticed the typo Gemma. Mice lasagne doesn't sound that good does
Have corrected it now.


  1. Nice blog, keep it up to date and il be a regular !


  2. you got mice out of the freezer? hehe I couldn't resist it! Keep up with the exercise, it really does help!