Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The In-Laws Descend!!!

Friday morning started with the usual PV (project Vix) shenanigans and then the house tidy-up begun. Well that was the theory. In practice, my physio was being less than successful at ridding my swollen steroid body of anything, I was getting breathless walking to the kitchen and my plans to tidy the house and make some cakes and honeycomb was fading fast.

I decide to plonk myself in a long hot shower in the hope that the steam will free things up and to an extent, it did. So I make a start on tidying the lounge and head to the kitchen and make chocolate brownies and honeycomb.

By the time the brownies have finished cooking, the kitchen is hot and steamy and I can't breathe. Aaaarrgghhhh!!!!!!

A swift phone call goes out to mum and Bob for help to finish tidying the house. 20 minutes later Mr. and Mrs mop arrive.

Bob heads straight for the kitchen and makes everything so shiny, mum heads upstairs with the hoover and I finish off emptying the bins and generally have a bit of a throw out.

90 minutes later the house looks immaculate and ready for the in-laws to descend for the weekend.

They arrive just after 3pm and hubby is not home until 7pm. What can I do to entertain them for 4 hours? So another phone call goes out to my sister. They had wanted to catch up with her since seeing her and baby Isabella at the wedding and Friday was really going to be the only opportunity for them to do it.

So off we all bundle into their car for the 9 mile journey to my sisters. We spent a couple of hours there over several cups of tea and hot choc and Isabella was in her element. The time whizzed passed so quickly that before we knew it, it was almost 6pm.

We said our goodbye's, headed home and decided en route that it would be easier all round to go out for dinner, as my breathing had been playing up all day.

So as hubby gets home from work, he has a quick change and we're off for to the best Indian restaurant. The food is not only delicious but plentiful. I had poppadoms with chutneys, a prawn puri, chicken tikka Kashmir and pilau rice. OMG I ate too much. I think the breathlessness as we get up to leave was more due to overeating than anything else.

At home I go through the last round of meds and physio before heading up to bed.

Saturday saw hubby having to go into work for a half day. His parents decide to go and hit the outlet store and I decide that as I've invited my mum and Bob over to have a big family dinner tonight, I'd better prep for it.

So after the usual PV stuff and still feeling breathy I make a start. Home made broccoli and Stilton soup takes no time at all, and chicken liver pate all done as the in-laws arrive back under bags of goodies.

By this time my breathing seems to have gone to pot. Hubby's mum insists I go and sit while she tidies the kitchen and makes a round of tea and hot choc.

Hubby arrives home and is a little worried that I'm crashing so soon after getting out of hospital. The problem is being a weekend, I can't really contact my CF team as they're not around. I take another nebuliser which kind of helps and insist that we're still going out as I'm not giving into this not breathing malarkey.

So we head out for some lunch at a lovely pub in a place called Bridge near Canterbury where I had the most scrummy ribs and chips (which I ended up sharing as there was so much). We then headed off to Faversham, to a brilliant farm shop that has amazing produce and ingredients and bought the entire cheese counter (well that's how it so we could serve cheese after dinner.

We head home and hubby and I dart for the kitchen to make a start on dinner. We decided that we'd serve the pate as a starter, fish pie for dinner and chocolate brownies for dessert followed by the cheese.

About 10 minutes into it I was getting breathless again so hubby gets me a chair and tells me to direct him around the kitchen with what to do. He is such a great cook anyway and it all worked out beautifully.

Mum and Bob arrive and a good night was had by all. The pate was a huge success and all went as did the fish pie. The only problem was that by the time we'd eaten all of that no-one felt that they could eat dessert but perhaps a little cheese. So the rest of the evening was divided up with wine, cheese, Wii bowling and good conversation.

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