Monday, 16 February 2009

Love, Life and Home

I'm home - Yippee!!!!

Thanks to my lovely brother who did a bit of a detour (was driving to mums from Norfolk so went via Londons west I walk through my front door by 3pm on Friday and it was wonderful. My mum and Bob (her partner) had been round and cleaned the house (hubby had been living as a bit of a bachelor for 2 weeks on takeaways and and my 2 cats were there to greet me. I just sat down on my sofa for a while and enjoyed being back in my own space.

My quiet enjoyment of being home didn't last long though, as the word had obviously gone out that i'd escaped and the phone never stopped ringing.

A few hours later my wonderful husband walked through the door. The look of love, relief and longing written all over his face. I think he missed He tried so hard not to appear down whilst I was in hospital but I knew he was and that he wasn't coping so well but i'm home now.

He said for me to grab my coat as we're going out for dinner (There was no food in the house as he'd not had time to go shopping AND whilst i'd been in hospital i'd been craving food from my favorite Italian restaurant).

I have to admit, after 2 weeks of hospital food (and the Brompton has some of the best hospital food i've tasted) my Italian meal was the best ever. I had Mushrooms in a gorgonzola sauce and veal with spinich in a 4 cheese sauce (guess who's been craving

I love being back in my own bed too. I never sleep very well when not at home and although I still don't think i've fully caught up on all the sleepless nights I had whilst in hospital, i'm definitely getting

Anyway, Valentines day started with a lovely kiss from my husband follow by the most enormous valentines day card. I then noticed how cold the house was. Aaarrrggghhhhh!!!! The boilers had a giddy and not come on. No heat, no hot water and we need to leave the house in 2 hours.

Hubby goes and has words with the boiler, I go and put several layers of dressing gowns, socks, blankets around me and go down stairs to start "my routine" of pills, inhalers, nebs and physio.

Thanks very much to Moonpig, I also managed to arrange for a valentines day card for my hubby which he was totally taken aback by, which also seemed to calm him down afetr his argument with the

Anyway, come 9.15 and only 15 mins late, we left the house to go and pick up some friends to go to the Kent Ideal Homes Exhibition.

We were hoping that there would be lots of kitchen and bathroom people or building companies or companies that do solar or wind power that can be incorporated into a build but there wasn't really. There were 2 small kitchen companies and 1 company that did worktops, the rest were companies selling gadgets and face creams, saucepans and prints.

We had a good look around and somehow managed to spend a silly amount of money on kitchen gadgets and also bought some yummy parmigiano and parma ham and then headed off to get some lunch at a local pub.

We dropped off our friends and headed home so hubby could watch the rugby. As it finished we both ended up running around like headless chickens as we were running late for our Valentines dinner......that and as i'm on steroids at the moment, i'm retaining a lot of water so nothing seems to fit so clothing is an issue).

Anyway, thanks to my trust wrap around dress JUST fitting, we were off.

The restaurant has just been through a complete refurb and it now looks amazing. As we arrived we had a coats taken and shown to our table. I was then presented with a valentines teddy bear (which we've called Alan) at then offered cocktails. The food was out of this world. I had a crab and salmon ravioli in a crab bisque as a starter, hubby had venison carpaccio with figs and rocket. I then had fillet steak with Charlotte potatoes and hubby had calves liver and to finish I had this amazingly rich chocolate and cherries with Kirsch concoction, while hubby had the good old cheese board.

It was delicious.

Anyway going to leave it there as i'm about to head out an see my sister. Will blog again later Bye x

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